Matthias Trabandt

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Matthias Trabandt

Young voice, Midlife
Czech, English


I’m a native German speaker, professional voice therapist, German language lecturer and speech therapist. I offer my voice services, especially in German, for using in various media, such as advertising videos, image videos, dubbing, audio guides, etc. I'm also an enthusiastic singer, singing in a gospel choir in Prague and I like to compose my own music. Working with the microphone is very close to me. In me you will find a reliable business partner and a highly motivated speaker. I speak German, I can also use dialects from Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg and Vienna. In addition, I speak fluently English and try to communicate in Czech.

In addition to speech therapy studies, I also attended several radio education seminars in Leipzig and Cologne. One of my latest experiences was acting in an English advertising video for the traditional brand Pilsner Urquell. Before that, I worked with a major recording studio for the industrial concern Albertina Trading, for which I recorded a voice-over for an image video. For an urban planning project, I created voice recordings with a digital services company. In the Czech Television studios, I worked with a translation agency to synchronize business videos. My voice is also used for the German audio guide of the Austerlitz Castle Museum. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.

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