New Addition to Our Studio – Neumann U87 Ai Microphone

One of the most desirable and widely used vocal mics in top studios all around the globe – the Neumann U87 Ai condenser microphone – has been added to our studio recently. Among its main benefits is a high level of versatility – it records perfectly nearly all types of voices, a wide range of musical instruments and even a whole orchestra. Microphone quality plays an essential role in the recording of spoken word – it comes as the second most important part of the recording chain, right after the skills of the actor or the speaker.

The history of the Neumann microphones, the legends of studio recording technology, goes back to 1928, when Georg Neumann, a German inventor and innovator, established the eponymous company in Berlin. In 1999, the company gained the Technical Grammy Award by The Recording Academy. Microphones produced by the Neumann company, which has been part of the Sennheiser Group since 1991, have lent their signature sound to recordings by The Beatles, Natalie Cole, Amy Winehouse, Sting, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé and many others.