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Located in Prague, Czech Republic, our cutting-edge recording studio provides complete sound processing, sound production and post-production, recording of voice overs in Czech as well as other languages, musical instruments; we compose music for commercials, do sound design, and feature an extensive sound bank of sound effects for your commercial spots, promotional videos and movies. You can find the right performer for your job without worries, easily, comprehensively and, above all, completely free of charge in our exclusive online catalogue of actors or voice talents.

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  • Škoda
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • IKEA
  • Kofola
  • BMW
  • Aquila
  • ELLE
  • Česká Spořitelna
  • ŠkoFIN
  • Marie Claire
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Jan Kleník

The founder of Talents Room and its main sound master is the musical composer and producer Jan Kleník, who has brought home many prestigious awards (the “Anděl” award of the Academy of Popular Music, nomination for the Apollo prize). He is known as a founder and long-term member of the legendary Ohm Square band, and is currently head of the critically acclaimed Sklenik project. In his musical production portfolio you can find the likes of Dara Rolins, Dan Bárta, Tonya Graves, Charlie One, Klára Vytisková and many others. He has also created music for multiple TV series and his compositions can be heard in many feature movies (Domácí péče (Home Care), My2 (Us 2), Samotáři (Loners), O rodičích a dětech (Of Parents and Children), Divoké včely (Wild Bees), Děvčátko (Girlie), Eliška má ráda divočinu (Eliška Likes it Wild), Ententýky).

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Pavel (Bóřa) Kleník

The main producer of the Talents Room studio is a seasoned longtime advertising matador - Pavel (Bóřa) Kleník - Jan Kleník's cousin. In addition to his musical career, where as a founding member of the cult dance formation Liquid Harmony, he has the Anděl award in the Dance Music category, he is also a permanent member of the SKLENIK formation (nominated for the Apollo award). In 1995, he joined one of the largest international advertising agencies of the nineties - LINTAS, where he spent almost a quarter of a century. As Client Service Director, he took care of clients Smirnoff, Hennessy, Baileys, Camel, Honda, ČSA, Citibank, Hotel Intercontinental, Motorola, Siemens, Chio Bohemia, Škoda-auto, SABMiller, Danone, Unilever, Tchibo, ČSA, Castrol, etc. In 2017, when he took his dream six-month vacation in Europe with his whole family, he was offered the position of COO from the most recognized music production company in the Czech Republic - he was given the task of putting the ROCK FOR PEOPLE festival "on its feet" together with a young team. He fulfilled the shareholders' mission in 2022, when the RFP festival sold out for the first time in its history. He decided to apply his long-term experience in the field of communication / production / music in Talents Room from 2023.

Studio Equipment

The highest possible sound quality is a necessity for us which is why we only use high-end digital and analog state-of-the-art recording technology.

  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate, Logic Pro 10 running on Mac Pro
  • Apogee Symphony I/O AD/DA converters
  • ADK, Neumann U87, Shure, Oktava, Rode microphones
  • Avalon 2022 preamps
  • Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor
  • UAD plug-ins (Teletronix LA2A, 1176 Classic Limiter, Fairchild 670 Compressor, Neve 33609 Compressor), Waves, Eventide, Soundtoys, McDSP, Clariphonic, etc.
  • Focal Twin6 Be monitors, Tannoy
  • 65” led display
  • Source Connect

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