How it works

The Talents Room web platform is an online catalogue of talents which will provide commercial speakers, singers and musicians with a stream of orders. Job providers will be enabled to familiarize themselves with the offer of artists and get a recording of a voice or a musical instrument quickly, easily and professionally.

For the performer

Speakers, singers or instrumentalists simply create their own profile. In the application form, they fill in basic information about themselves, describe what they can do and upload samples of their work. They can tick multiple categories - if they are a great actor, and an ocarina player as well, for example. The speakers can choose which category their voice belongs to – it can be multiple categories. They can also specify which languages or accents they have mastered. The language and accent is, naturally, also selected by singers. The musicians select the instrument or instruments they play. In the “About me” column, it is necessary to state as accurately as possible what the artist can offer the job provider.

In order to ensure maximum quality, each profile must be checked and approved by the Talents Room team.

Contact information needs to be filled in in the profile but it serves only for communication with us and will not be publicly accessible. What is displayed is only the performer's photo, first name and information about the performer's skills. All the communication with clients is done by Talents Room.

You do not pay anything for creating your profile or for making it public. We do not charge any commission from the amount you make.

For the client

The client can search our catalogue of talents and browse through their detailed profiles. Talents Room features a rich database of speakers, singers and musicians. The speakers are actors or voice artists who are able to lend their voice to a commercial, do a voice over for a video spot or a whole audiobook. Singers and musicians (instrumentalists) can be used for a commercial, hired for a live performance, for a recording session or a whole tour. Our online catalogue thus replaces the expensive and demanding casting process, since on Talents Room you can – thanks to smart searching options – find just what you need.

The client does not create a profile - the system is open for everyone. Talents Room also contacts the chosen artist and arranges with them all the details of the cooperation. In the case of the job being done at the Talents Room Studio, choosing the talent (casting) is free of charge for the client. Should the work provider wish to work with the talent elsewhere, casting is still free of charge but they pay a booking fee / pay an extra 10% of the artist's fee.

An advantage of Talents Room is that you can, apart from selecting a performer, also order a complete recording. We will record the chosen speaker, singer or musician at the hi-end Talents Room Studio for you, mix the recording, match it with a picture and take care of the complete soundtrack of your video - full service with no need for further arrangement and organization.